Rules of participation

Rules of Participation in Tenders

Rules of Participation in Tenders

Both residents and nonresidents can participate in tenders. The persons with the following status can participate in e-tenders: limited liability companies (LLC), joint-stock companies (JSC), individual enterprises, individuals, etc.

To participate in a tender, the supplier must sign in on the e-tender website at They can sign it by using the sign-in button on the website. The supplier must fill in all the necessary fields:

1. Supplier type (list)

2. Name and surname/name (necessary field)

3. Personal number/identification code (necessary field)

4. Country (necessary field)

5. City (necessary field)

6. Address (necessary field)

7. Telephone (necessary field)

8. Fax

9. E-mail (necessary field)

10. Username (necessary field)

11. Password (consisting of at least 6 characters) (necessary field)

12. Repeat password (necessary field)

13. I agree with the Rules of Participation – to be checked

Then comes the “Next” button. The button is activated only if the supplier agrees with Rules of Participation. By clicking the button, the supplier moves on to the new page consisting of 3 embeddings:

1. Main: Listing the fields filled in during sign-in and Save and Cancel buttons. Clicking the Save button saves a change, clicking the Cancel button cancels the change made.

2. Contact persons: The form contains Add, Edit and Delete buttons.

By clicking the Add button, the user must be able to enter the new contact person's details, fields: Name, Surname, Telephone number, E-mail. After entering these details, the user clicks the Save button right there. The contact person can be edited/deleted by Edit or Delete buttons.

3. Documents: Here the supplier must be able to upload documents. Uploading of documents is a necessary requirement.

The supplier must upload the following documents in PDF or Word format:

- Transcript from the Register of Entrepreneurial and Non-entrepreneurial (Non-commercial) Legal Entities

- Company certificates (if any)

- Information on the business of the company (brief description of business, foundation date, testimonials, etc).

Clicking the Sign-in button sends a link to the e-mail given by the supplier, by means of which the e-mail address is restored. By entering the link the supplier confirms that the e-mail given by him is valid and only thereafter is the supplier deemed signed in.

Where the supplier has forgotten and wishes to recover his password, he can send e-mail to the address or call the telephone numbers given in Contact. After that a start password is sent to the supplier. When obtaining authorization on the website, the system will request that the supplier change the password for security considerations.

Procedures for inviting e-tenders:

Each particular tender comprises the relevant RFP (uploaded to the website) describing in detail all the requirements and information in connection with the tender. The Request For Proposals uploaded by JSC Bank of Georgia are intended for suppliers in order to inform them of a detailed request and give them the opportunity to come up with their proposals.

Participation in the tender

- JSC Bank of Georgia uploads all the invitations to tender on the e-tender website

Invitation to tender comprises the following items:

o Buyer – always JSC Bank of Georgia

o Tender Category – changes as per the tender invited

o Number of Items – indicates the number of the specific items of goods/services to be purchased according to Request For Proposal. Such number is changed according to each particular tender. E.g., in the event of stationary goods, Item N1 can be a pen, Item N2 – paper, etc.

o Name of Goods/Services to be Purchased

o Tender Announcement Date – is the date, on which JSC Bank of Georgia officially posts the Invitation to Tender on its e-tender website.

o Acceptance of Bids Starts – the time when suppliers can post bids on the website.

o Acceptance of Bids Ends – the time when the acceptance of bids ends.

o Minimum Price Drop Step – may indicate, for each particular tender, the minimum amount of money, with which the supplier must reduce the total price of the bid in comparison with the previous bid.

o Detailed Description of the Goods to be Purchased – will be attached as a file.

o Maximum Number of Bids – depending on a particular tender, the number of bids to be received from the supplier may be limited to a certain quantity. E.g., if the quantity is 3, the supplier cannot post more than 3 bids.

o Period of Hiding Amounts – before the tender is completed, earlier bids become anonymous for a predetermined period for both the supplier and the buyer.

o Bid Acceptance Scheme / Limited – indicates that the price to be posted by the supplier must be lower than that of the previous bid and such lower price can be determined by the minimum price drop step. If the drop step is 0 (zero) GEL, the supplier can reduce the price by any amount in comparison with the previous bid but where the drop step is, e.g. 10 (ten) GEL, in posting the bid, the supplier must reduce the price by 10 GEL in comparison with the previous bid.

o Bid Acceptance Scheme / Free – indicates that the supplier can post any price that is not fixed in the previous bid. According to the scheme, the supplier is not required to post a price lower than that of the previous bid

- Any user can see tenders, not bids, in the Current Tenders section, and the authorized user can see all the announced tenders, prices offered by competitors at a predetermined time prior to the end of the tender and take part in the tender. To take part, the authorized user must choose the tender he wishes.

- Read the Tender Conditions and specifications of the goods or services to be delivered by downloading the attached documents.

- After reading the information, move on to the Bids section.

- Fix prices for each item. Depending on a tender, a minimum price drop step may be required. This means that if the minimum price drop step is X GEL/USD/Euro, in posting a bid, the total price bid must be X GEL/USD/Euro less than the previous bid.

- Upload the additional documents required under the Tender Conditions.

- JSC Bank of Georgia will identify the winner and contact him only.

Posting the Tender, Time and Terms

The tender will be posted on the JSC Bank of Georgia e-tender website, where prices will be bid, the relevant documents – uploaded and the winner – identified.

The supplier can post his bid directly within the terms announced. Once the tender is over, the user won't be able to make a bid.

If there is any mistake in the bid already posted, the supplier must give the tender initiators, within the tender period (from the time the tender is invited to the time of acceptance of bids) a written notice thereon by using the Contact panel.

JSC Bank of Georgia reserves the right to prolong the term of the tender by posting such information in advance.

Tender Documents

The supplier must upload, during the tender period, his bid along with the PDF or Word files required in RFP (language of these files must be Georgian). The files (documents) to be uploaded may include:

· The founders' agreement to take part in the tender;

· Photos of sample products in JPG or PDF format;

· Testimonials;

· Other relevant documents.

It is necessary that the supplier upload these documents, along with his bid, only once and only in one file (PDF format).

Delivery of tendered goods/services

The company winning the tender must deliver to JSC Bank of Georgia the relevant goods/services in compliance with RFP and the terms of the contract

If the company winning the tender does not or fails to fulfill the terms of RFP and the contract, he will face the penalties under the contract.


JSC Bank of Georgia reserves the right to conduct negotiations with the companies taking part in the tender and identify, by voting, the winning company against price and quality.

Depending on each particular tender, there may be some additional terms and conditions, which must be integrated into RFP.


By signing in, the companies taking part in the tender undertake to keep the above information confidential. Such information must be available only to the personnel and advisers of the participating company or to the persons involved in the activities related to the tender. If this obligation of confidentiality is breached, JSC Bank of Georgia may terminate the contract with the company.


JSC Bank of Georgia reserves the right to complete/cancel any announced tender by posting timely information on such change. The information on completion/cancellation of the tender must be posted on the e-tender website from the time the tender is invited to the time of acceptance of bids.

Contact details in the event of questions

If there is any question in connection with the tender, the supplier must apply to the relevant persons through the Contact panel of the e-tender website.

The author of such questions must keep confidential the information obtained from such questions and answers, unless the supplier posts such questions and answers on the website.

Depending on a particular tender, when taking part in the tender, the supplier can obtain the necessary information by asking questions in the Question to the Buyer panel of the particular tender.